Grooming for Cats


  • I will offer you a regular schedule according to your cat’s needs
  • I work alone. No one touches my babies but me. I am morally and medically opposed to multiple people force-grooming a frightened animal, so cats that are extremely underweight or have extreme health issues indicating necessary medical supervision will be referred to a groomer at a veterinarian office and you will only be responsible for a $50 trip fee.
  • Soft carriers (only) are required. I will carry your kitty baby to my grooming salon parked at your curb, bringing them back clean and comfy in an hour.
  • I am not opposed to grooming cats with a prescription for eliminating fear of the grooming process, but since safety is my #1 priority and too much stress can be fatal for cat, fractious or dangerous cats will have to be referred to a groomer at a veterinarian office for their safety and mine.
  • Cats over 10 years old who have not been groomed before will need two grooming appointments at a recommended veterinarian office before I can put them on a schedule (I will provide a list of recommended offices).
  • Cats that are extremely underweight or have extreme health problems will need to be referred to a veterinarian groomer for their safety.
  • Cat owner must contact me to make appointments and discuss details – NEVER a personal or professional assistant.


  • Grooming is fully inclusive.
  • Full grooms start at $125 + tax. (Use this link to get a specific quote).
  • Baths for short hair cats start at $80 + tax.
  • Price is determined by breed, special needs, and frequency of grooming.
  • I accept all major credit cards or cash.
  • I do not accept checks.
  • Tips are greatly appreciated but NOT required. I actually pay my taxes. Apologies for any disappointment but bargaining for cash will not be entertained. If you must ask your wife/husband, please do so before you call me. Thank you again!
Nail Trim
Short Hair – Bath
Long Hair – Bath
Full Groom

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