Grooming for Dogs


  • Less than 30 lbs.
  • Must be able to stand for the entire groom (90 minutes).
  • Unable to groom aggressive or biting dogs.
  • Nervousness or fearfulness is acceptable, but not to point where the dog eliminates in my grooming unit.
  • 1, 2, or 4 week schedules are offered. I am a maintenance groomer.
  • No seasonal or occasional grooming.
  • There are exceptions, but they are rare.
  • Longer than 12 weeks is considered neglect by industry standards.
  • I do not de-mat dogs. It is unethical for me to put a dog through a painful cosmetic procedure.
  • You’re welcome to use a veterinarian for primary shave down and exam. At which point, I’ll gladly accept your pet on a regular schedule.
  • Coat care lessons are free.
  • Dog owner must contact me to make appointments and discuss details – NEVER a personal or professional assistant.


  • Grooming is fully inclusive.
  • Full grooms start at $80 + tax. (Use this link to get a specific quote).
  • There are two pricing tiers – One for dogs on a regular schedule and an hourly rate for dogs in extreme condition.
  • Price is determined by breed, special needs, frequency of grooming, and type of style required.
  • I accept all major credit cards or cash.
  • I do not accept checks.
  • Tips are greatly appreciated but NOT required. I actually pay my taxes. Apologies for any disappointment but bargaining for cash will not be entertained. If you must ask your wife/husband, please do so before you call me. Thank you again!
  • I no longer groom double coated dogs which require de-shed/blowouts.
BreedBase Fee
Basset Hound$90
Bichon & Bichon Mix$90
Boston Terrier$60
Cairn Terrier$80
Chihuahua (short hair)$35
Chihuahua (long hair)$45
Dachshund (short hair)$60
Dachshund (long hair)$80
French Bulldog$60
Jack Russell Terrier$70
Lhasa Apso & Lhasa Apso Mix$90
Maltese & Maltese Mix$90
Pekinese & Pekinese Mix$90
Poodle & Poodle Mix (toy)$90
Poodle & Poodle Mix (miniature)$90
Schnauzer (miniature)$85
Sheltie & Sheltie Mix (under 30 lbs)$90
Shih Tzu & Shih Tzu Mix$80
Yorkie & Yorkie Mix$80 & up
Nail Trim Only

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